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SoonerCare Provider Enrollment

Welcome to the online SoonerCare Provider enrollment application.

SoonerCare is a collection of Oklahoma health care benefit packages including Traditional (Fee-For-Service Medicaid), Choice (Medical Home), Supplemental (Medicare Crossover), SoonerPlan (Family Planning) and others.

SoonerCare providers who can apply online include:

  • Businesses
  • Corporations
  • Facilities
  • Individuals
  • Groups

See the complete list of contract types.

First-time applicants can use the online application to complete an enrollment application and sign a provider contract.

Providers who are already enrolled in the SoonerCare Provider program can renew their contract online.
They can also:

  • Complete a saved application
  • Obtain submitted application status
  • Update current information

Things you should know:

  • You will be required to create a User Account before submitting your application. If you already have a SoonerCare Provider ID, you may use it to log on here. You will be redirected to the OHCA's SoonerCare Provider Portal.
  • In addition to completing the online enrollment application, you may need to fax supporting documentation to the OHCA. The documentation is dependent upon your provider type. A list of required documents will be displayed to you once you begin your application.
  • You do not have to complete the application in one session. You will be able to save your information and return later. You will have 35 days from the time of the last save to submit the application. After that, your information will be lost and you will have to start again.
  • After the OHCA receives your application and supporting documentation, OHCA will review your application. You will be notified of the results by e-mail in approximately 15 business days. When in a renewal season, please allow 30-40 business days to process.
  • An Enrollment Agent can continue to create a new enrollment via EPE, but they will be required to access EPE via Provider Portal in order to complete renewals and updates.
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